Problems Markdown>RTF in language with diacritical marks

I’m writing web content in Catalan, which has accents or diacritical marks (that coincide with those in French), using markdown. Scrivener exports to html with no problems and saves me loads of time here.

However, I also need to send the same content for revision in a Word-friendly format. The markdown>RTF compiling process does not output the formatting as I have written it (bold, lists) and, worse, will not recognize the accented letters as such, replacing them with gibberish.

I know I could output as plain text but I understood that by using markdown, you could write just one text and output it, correctly formatted, for both web and word-processing “worlds”.

Can anyone help?

(Using Mac + Scriv 2 for this project)

Check out this thread and see if the posted solution works for you. The newer MMD RTF converter uses a method which works fine for basic characters, but it can choke on special characters. If you switch it to the old method, you should be okay. Detailed instructions for doing so have been posted to that thread.

This worked for me and I didn’t have the black screen bug. Thanks.

I did want to install MMD in the root Library, however, but couldn’t work out the correct command to get Terminal to see it there, so I ended up placing MMD in the User/Library folder.

Any chance of the RTF compile problem being corrected in future versions of Scrivener? It does seem a rather basic requirement if Scrivener is offering Markdown facilities.

Eh, that’s tough. The issue is: it’s not actually a problem unless you need Unicode characters. If you don’t the shipping method is superior in every way. What would be optimum is upgrading the shipping method to be Unicode safe, but I wouldn’t expect that to be done by Fletcher himself at this point. MMD is moving in a new direction and I’m not even sure if it will support RTF once it gets there—at least not out of the box.