Problems Opening Scrivener 3

When I launch Scrivener 3 and open a recent project I have to navigate away from Scrivener and open another application such as Safari and then back to Scrivener for the chosen project to appear. Same happens when I close a project and try to open another.
This problem is occurring on both MacBook Air and iMac machines.

Is there a setting I have enabled/disabled that is causing this problem?


Me too and it keeps crashing


I am new to Scrivener 3…
I was bored one Saturday and was on the way to look for software which makes my life easier.
I work as Content Manager and found Scrivener 3….
I bought it after i realized which potential this software has.
I worked with Word and Excel till now.
We have thousands of Files in Word or Excel in 6 different languages.
First I thought it is just for writer, journalists etc,
The software is so cheap, even it would be a fail, it doesn’t hurt.
But Scrivener is a blast…… it saves me already many hours work = lifetime
It is perfect for SEO, Translation, Comparing and Managing Text Files. All is just 1 click away. Amazing.

I found 2 issues till now:

  1. I also can’t open the Software on the normal way ( click on the icon in the dock). I MUST close every window of Scrivener and can than open it again. Sometimes i need to close the software thru command + alt + esc before i can open a new window of Scrivener. (thats mostly happens)

  2. I can’t delete Files in the Trash folder. In the submenu isn’t any Link to delete the trash folder and even when i click on a file in the trash folder i can not delete the file when i click on the trash folder Icon at the header area.

Maybe someone has an Idea
thanks for support

Could you please post the crash logs?

Also, please try this version: …

Let me know if that works.

Thanks and all the best,

I am having this same issue of opening 3 then having to navigate away or double-clicking on the dock icon to actually get my project to open.

Is the zip file an update? or a temporary fix? Is it supposed to replace my purchase of 3? Will this screw up my project?

I have not had any issues with the program crashing just opening projects.

I am still having the problem after re-installing the new download of 3.0.

When I open Scrivener 3, I must click on another program or the finder and then back to Scrivener to access my chosen project. I can open another project but only after navigating away from scrivener. I am only able to open 2 projects, I then have to close and then re-open scrivener to access another project.

This is happening on my 2 Macs, both running High Sierra.

I am a Scrivener user since 2012, love the new version but this is so frustrating.

Any fixes would be appreciated.

Check and make sure that your projects are not located inside of your backup folder (verify that in the Backup preference pane). Scrivener tries to warn you about not storing backups and working data in the same location, and there is a bug in 10.13 with that warning that causes the appearance of nothing happening, and is known to respond after clicking here and there and back again.

If you are not having the crash, but projects don’t open, please check to make sure that your backup folder (in Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backups) is not set to the same folder as your live projects.


Thanks Katherine,

I’ve managed to change the back up location and all works fine.

Thank you for the tip. I will make sure that backups are going to my backup folder and not the main Scrivener one.

I am brand new to Scrivener. I just purchased Scrivener 3 today (12/10/2017) and I am experiencing the same project opening problem. I couldn’t figure it out until I read this post. Navigating away and then returning seems to work now…most of the time anyway. A rather frustrating and disappointing first experience for me with this program. My little inexpensive iA writer doesn’t have a lot of features, but it’s dead reliable for me. :neutral_face:

I’m unclear on what you mean by your post—are you saying you applied the fix describe above and it is still happening?

If so we will need more information and essentially debug this from the start with no assumptions—perhaps there is another warning message somewhere with the same problem.