Problems running Scrivener Apple Store Version

I am not sure why I am having the problems I am having, but it is becoming frustrating as I can’t currently use Scrivener at all.

When I first updated to High Sierra, I also completely rebuilt my system from scratch, rather than importing an old one. I wanted to have a clean install to start out with.

When I reinstalled Scrivener 2 from the App Store, it crashed repeatedly on startup. Finally, at the advice of L and L tech support I restarted in safe mode and was able to launch the app. It ran for a while, although I was using it infrequently. I recently started using it again. It was fine for a while, but then started crashing on startup. I got it to run once by restarting the computer, but yesterday, I just stopped working completely, and a restart did nothing to get it working again. Nor did launching with the shift key held down, or restarting in Safe Mode.

So I decided to just bite the bullet and get the new version through the app store. Perhaps a mistake, since I owned the last version, but paid full price again for the upgrade.

At any rate, it ran for a short time (less than 24 hours), then began repeatedly asking for my Apple ID password, and making the statement that the app had been purchased on another computer. It hadn’t been, it was purchased on the same machine. It is stuck in this loop and will not start, no matter how many times I enter the password. Other App Store purchases are working fine.

Now neither version will run. I love this app, but I can’t use it. I’m not sure whether my system or Scrivener is the cause of the issue. I haven’t changed anything about my account since purchasing either of these versions, certainly not since I purchased Scrivener 3.

The only thing I can think of that might make any change at all is that I dual boot and startup from a 64 bit Windows 7 install at times, Could doing that cause Scrivener to fail for some reason?

If anyone has any idea what could be happening, please let me know. I’d like to be able to use Scrivener again. I am running it on a late 2012 Mac Pro -tower, 12 GB RAM OS X version 10.13.6