Problems With Compiling Endnotes (New User)

I’m using Scrivener to write my first book, and I’m having problems with getting my endnotes to show up when I compile.

I’m using both the Mac (laptop) and Windows (my desktop) versions, and saving the files to Dropbox to navigate between the two.

I’d like to compile a portion of my project into an RTF or Word document with endnote to send to my editor. The problem is that when I compile, I can only get Endnotes to show up if I compile as a PDF or when I compile to print. When I try to compile into a Word or RTF document on either computer, the endnotes either disappear completely, or they’re tacked on to the end of the document as an unnumbered list, and there’s no corresponding numbering in the text.

I can get the endnotes to work properly when I compile to RTFD on the Mac, but that format is pretty much useless.

As you can see from the screen grabs, the “Group Footnotes:” option doesn’t show up when I try to compile as an RTF document.

I have a hunch I’m missing something obvious here. But I haven’t been able to figure out what it is. Help!

And thanks!


The most important question here is, what program are you using to open the exported file? Not all programs support footnotes and endnotes. For instance, TextEdit doesn’t, so if you open an RTF or Word file that contains footnotes or endnotes in TextEdit, you just won’t see them. Likewise, Pages supports footnotes and endnotes but doesn’t support them in RTF files, so will ignore them completely when opening an RTF file. My guess, therefore, is that you are opening the exported file in TextEdit or something similar. Make sure you open it in a word processor that supports these features, such as Word or OpenOffice.

As for “Group footnotes”, that is indeed a PDF/print option only.

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