Problems with formatting

Thank you both for the discussion. I am working on chapter three of a doctoral dissertation and thought Scrivener would help. Of course, I must have the formatting exactly right.

I read “Default Formatting” in the “Tips” section and thought I could simply paste a page or pages and have Scrivener adapt it as the default formatting. Of course, as soon as I paste it, my formatting disappears.

Apparently, I won’t be able to write then export a finished work.

Unless someone has a recommendation, I will have to use Scrivener to organize and compile, then copy/paste into word in order to format.

Sounds like Evernote would work just as well.

Formatting is such a big deal in writing, I am really surprised such a “powerful” program doesn’t make it easier.


Split to a new topic. Answering a year-old thread probably won’t get many responses.

All of Scrivener’s formatting commands can be found on the Format menu. Once you’ve formatted a single paragraph the way you like it, you can use the Project -> Project Settings -> Formatting pane to make that formatting the default, then the Documents -> Convert -> Text to Default Formatting command to normalize to that formatting.