Problems with import and split producing empty file

When I import a document into scrivener all I get is a blanco document instead of my writing!? Whelp!!!

Possibly your text is being set to color white. After the import is done, select all text in the Scrivener editor, right click, and choose text color = no color. (Or the option might be “remove color”, I can’t check it at the moment.)

If there is text there try to highlight and will hidden text and change text color. Other issue may be in options and check editor settings to see text color

I don’t think that that is the case because in the section word count is written 0 words.

It would no doubt help us to know what sort of document (file type) you are trying to import, and the steps you are taking to import it.


p.s. If the doc being imported has been exported from another app in a format not native to that app, you should take steps to verify that your text is actually in the exported file in the first place.

It’s a docx.
I open a new project, go to import and split, choose the documents and select the splitting, then hit import. But all I get is white document without the words. I’ve tried it it a smaller document but that doesn’t matter, the same problem

Wild idea. In Word, open the file to check it’s ok and check the font formatting. If anything, perhaps change all to black or something else.

If still happening, might be some setting in Scrivener which is telling your computer to display white fonts on white background, or something. Check everything in Preferences.

Also, to just make it work and allow you to get writing, perhaps export the Word document into RTF and import that.

I’m going nuts in here, nothing works. I’ve tried rtf but still all I got is an empty document. The letter color is black and background is normal. What am I doing wrong, why doesn’t it work?!!! Is it that I work on a laptop maybe?

does the docx look ok in Word? and even exporting to RTF the. importing that does not work? if yes to both, the i guess scrivener settings or video issues on laptop?

docx looks good and rtf doesnt help either, even tried in on my pc instead of my laptop, still nothing. which settings doe i have to look at?

What “documents” and what"splitting" are you using?

As a starting point look at any preference setting related to display of front color and background color. Also, if you have not done already, after import, change your font and background in Scrivener to something you know is visible, e.g. black on white or something. Also check styles that you have setup and is assigned to that imported text.

docx is the fyle and i use the # as a splitting type, but even when i import it as a rtf is still gives a blaco page, color of the letters are black and the background is normal white, lettertype is also normal

I would also see if a project specific problem and open a simple new project template that is untouched and import whole document into one folder before doing anything and see what happens. If get file can split once file imported.

that,s what i had in thought also; try to import it without the splitting and split in manuallly. the only thing is that my document has more that 100 chapters and it would take an enourmes amound of time to do it manually, but if that’s the only way, than so be it. gonna try it today. otherwise i really dont know it any more.

Try splitting into thirds and see if smaller import will help. You might be able to split the project when import if file smaller, trying replacing the symbol you are using to split documents to see if might work better with different symbol as split point. I am guessing, best of luck.

tnx, but a smaller document doesnt make the diferents, i’ve tried that also and still the same result. when i import the document without automatic splitting it works just fine for some strange reason. i’m afraid i have to do everthing manually, unless someone know either a way to do it automaticly after importing or the problem can be fixed.

Is there a lot of formatting that would need to be retained, or do you never use italics or anything—i.e. can the text be treated as raw text instead of a more complicated word processing document? If so, try saving as .txt from Word, and then using import and split on the .txt file.

As for the source of the problem itself, we could perhaps use some help in debugging it. If you have a snippet of text that reproduces it, you could send it in to tech support. If we can see the problem happen on our end as well, that will greatly help in solving the bug.

I can’t reproduce this myself in simple tests though, so I suspect something more complicated than just typing in the following into a word processor, saving as RTF/ODT/DOCX and importing and splitting it, is necessary: