Problems with layout and Corkboard

I’m new to Scrivener and have just set up my draft novel similarly to the middle picture at the top of the home page i.e. with chapter folders filled with individual scenes. Now I want to provide a synopsis of each scene to see the story more clearly in the outliner or more likely the corkboard. But I find no notes associated with an individual scene only a bare corkboard. Notes only appear when I click on a chapter folder. In the mentioned picture, the cursor is on a scene but all the scenes of that chapter are on the corkboard. Complete confusion has set in!! Probably something trivial and stupid though on my part.

Check out the Navigation tab in the Preferences. That might have what you need.

In regards to the screenshot you are referencing on the homepage, I believe that is taken from an older test version. The way corkboards work is that when you select an item in the Binder, Corkboard and Outliner reveal the contents of that item. If the item has no contents, then you are presented a blank slate from which you can build off of your ideas for that branch (which what you are seeing). So, in order to see the item you have selected in context with its siblings, you would need to select its parent. What you are seeing in the screenshot isn’t possible with the current stable version of Scrivener.

Well, that isn’t 100% true. Fact is the Binder can at times not have highlighted what is visible in the editor at all. Try this:

  1. Click on the chapter that contains the scene you want to view
  2. Now click on the scene
  3. Press Cmd-[ to go back in history

:slight_smile: Not that this how you should use Scrivener, I am just demonstrating one way in which the screenshot could be done. All of this behaviour is being subtly improved in the next version to reduce these kinds of confusions.

Thanks for your e-mails. I do not understand your command listed at the bottom. Perhaps you could clarify it. I do understand what you say about content; every scene in a chapter folder does have content, a full synopsis linked to it. But, if I click on the corkboard it is bare. Only when I go to the chapter folder does the corkboard display the cards for each scene in the folder and I can find no way of changing this. Is this the way Scrivener works at the present time then?

Many thanks


By “content”, I think “subdocuments” was meant.

To clarify: the corkboard displays the subdocuments of the selected document in the binder. Any document can have subdocuments, not just folders. You could drag some files onto a text file in the binder, and that would be come a group with the dragged files as subdocuments.

If you click on the corkboard for a text document that has no subdocuments, you will therefore see a blank corkboard. (You could then drag documents onto it if you wanted to add subdocuments to the corkboard.)

This isn’t just how Scrivener works at the present time - it is one of the key concepts of the program. :slight_smile:

So, to reiterate, the corkboard (and the outliner) displays the child documents of the selected document. Usually therefore you will click on a folder to view the corkboard. The corkboard can then be used to move around the subdocuments of that folder.

I really recommend taking a look at the video introductory tutorial on and also going through the interactive tutorial via Help > Tutorial once more in order to better grasp these concepts.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks Keith.