Problems with lists (bullets)

Hi, hope someone can help me here. I have been having problems for a little while now with lists (bullets). This is a fairly recent issue, was not doing this before. Basically, when I make a list in Scrivener, I like to use bullets for that portion of the text. Then I have paragraphs that I don’t want bullets in. What is happening is that all of a sudden, it add bullets to every single line in my text. What can I do to prevent this from happening? It’s really messing up my formatting :cry: , please help!



Hi Danielle,

Sometimes the bullet attribute can get applied to text without you realising it, usually if you have a bulleted list and then get rid of a bullet and carry on typing rather than setting bullets to “none”. In this situation, the text can still think it is part of a bulleted list even though there are no bullets present. Then, when you apply a bullet to one part of the text, the rest of the text things it should now use that sort of bullet too.

To fix it, select all of the text and then, from the bullets list, choose “None”. This should ensure that the bullet formatting is removed. Then, select the text you want to use bullets and apply the bullet format just to that text.

Hope that helps.

All the best,