Problems with [My Posts]?

At the top of each page, there is a My Posts button. At the moment, it seems to only track what has been posted since the new forum was set up, and appears “blind” to posts made before the transition. I can find my posts by going into my user > activity view, so thet are “known” about by discourse. I couldn’t find much info on this (and don’t have it on other discourse forums I use), is this a bug?

I just posted some thoughts on how I think this is meant to work, here. In short though, it looks like if you are filtering by a category it only shows what has updated since your last visit, but without any filtering it shows everything. At least that’s what I’m getting, I can scroll through weeks and months of old posts in that mode.

Hmm, though now that I scroll to the very bottom, it may be capped by when it was first installed? Could be it only indexes back that far. I couldn’t find much info on it either!

I have this problem too. I was specifically trying to find a help request post in the support forum-- which doesn’t seem to be there anymore-- neither the post, nor the forum !!!


The comprehensive listing is found in the Activity page in your profile. You can filter by topics you’ve made yourself, responses, and other things. You can also search for your posts.

Let me know if it appears to have vanished! We do seem to have some posts that dropped here and there, not consistently that I can tell, but I’m adding them to a list to look into, or at the least, restore.

Hi AmberV,

I was specifically looking for the post I made a while back in the Windows Support forum, about Recto/Verso pages and some specific questions on how to set it up.

As of the last time I looked, I hadn’t gotten any replies either. So I suppose two issues then :slight_smile:



Okay yeah! As a tip you click the search tool up at the top and type in @jwhitten verso, without having to trawl through long lists. It looks like this is the post you’re looking for.

Yes, that’s the post I was looking for. Thanks for the search tip, I’ll keep that in mind…

Now, do you know anybody with some deep Scrivener experience who might be able to help me out with the question in that post? (Hint, Hint! :slight_smile: )


I assume this must be the case, that explains the discrepancy between the number of results you get and I get (without any filtering I only have three topics in my list, i.e. only the things I posted to since the new forum went live)… I don’t much mind, that list will just grow with time, and search is better for focused activity, but if there was someway to allow it to index B.D. (before discourse :nerd_face:) posts that would be even better

Yeah, I’ve got stuff going all the way back to June, I just didn’t scroll down enough when I saw months going by. That’s about when I installed the first prototype and started messing with the prefab posts.

I’ve got it on the list to do some research into, as it would be nice if it could be made comprehensive, but at the same time after a few months it won’t matter to most. For those whom it does matter (I’d count myself among them), there is at least the profile list or “@” searching.

I think in the meanwhile I might try to hide it, as it’s kind of confusing in its current state.

B.D. I like it.

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