Problems with serial after install - new machine

I wonder if anyone can help.

I have been trying to register Scrivener on two new machines, a 13" MBP and now a 5k iMac. I sourced the purchase reply from eSellerate and tried inputting the user/serial into the registration dialogue box as per. When the software talks to the server the return is as follows.

I bought Scriv in 2010… I have emailed L&L twice now and received no reply.

Replied via our support email.


Keith & Katherine,

Thanks guys, that’s me up and running again. Top job!

Incidentally, your only recent note to our support email was sent after your forum post. I’m glad you’re back on track, but wish you had given us a chance to respond before telling the world that we hadn’t.



I sent two emails some months previously. I got by on my old machine and Ulysses. I will dig out the earlier emails if you like, but I’m pleased to be back on track on the new machines. Nothing touches Scrivener for research and drafting imho.

As I said, I’m glad you’re back on track, and the rest is water under the bridge. No need to revisit it.


Katherine & Keith,

Just to straighten the record and for no other reason.

I have deep searched all machines and found replies to the emails I sent … They were all treated as spam so consequently I saw nothing. I did search at the time and found nothing, Houdah Spot did the trick this time, they were there.

Thanks for excellent support, both then and now, you replied but I didn’t hear you. :blush:

No response required, you’re both busy polishing a fine app.

We have that problem a fair bit - it’s because we use the Tenderapp support system, which generates unique email addresses to track the tickets and so it gets detected as spam frequently. We’re trying to figure a way around it, perhaps by trying to set up an auto-responder from the actual address that will at least notify people to look out for a email.

Anyway, glad the emails did arrive and that you are back on track!

All the best,