Problems with tab when print document

When you print a document (Ctrl+P) the tabs are wrong located. In the first image is like you see in Scrivener

. The second is when you print to a PDF (or a printer HP). nota1.jpg

Try turning on “Show Invisibles”. You might find there are tabs inserted in the rogue lines and not in the ones that format correctly.



OK. I have detect the problem.

If I show the “invisible caracters” I see the tab…


The problem (I think) is with the format of the parragraph. If you use the indented text in the first line

it seems a tab, but you can’t delete… the result is that some lines go with tab and the other with “intended text” and they runs (in the editor) in a diferente way.


Have you compared the way the Ruler looks when your cursor is in one of the rogue paragraphs with when it is in one of the other paragraphs. In your screenshots, there doesn’t seem to be any indication of which paragraph the Ruler relates to.

Otherwise, if you could create a small test project just containing what you see in the screenshot of your editor, zip it up and attach it to a post here, it would make it easier for others to troubleshoot your problem.