Problems with Tables and Scriptwriting Mode

Bear with me, I am extremely new to this so the solution is probably super simple…

I am trying to create a comic script using tables but every time I got into scriptwriting mode and add an element, it pushes it out of the table and ruins the formatting. See screenshots below.

I’m guessing there is an option somewhere I need to fumble with but I can’t find it…

I’ve already tried creating a new element but it still breaks the table.

Please point me in the right direction. Thank you.

Hi, marshmiller,

Fellow Scrivener user here. Tech support can no doubt help you with the technical issue you are having, but I did have a couple thoughts. For whatever they are worth, here they are:

  1. Forgive me, but I am wondering why you want to use graphical boxes in your comic script. I mean, I know comics themselves have frames, but this is a script. Have you taken a look at the Comic Script project template to see how it conceives of comic script formatting. (If I remember correctly, this user-contributed template – created by a comic author – is now part of Scrivener’s standard installation. If not, you should be able to search for its posting on these forums.)

  2. My next thought is, if you DO want to use the boxes for your script, maybe scriptwriting mode is not what you want for this task. Scriptwriting mode is working within a specific formatting model given by the choice of script style. It sounds like you have ideas about formatting for your comic script that are not a part of and somehow vies with the script style you are using.

The Scrivener people or some other author may have better advice for you. But maybe there is something useful here for you.



I’ll try going through the documentation again before I contact tech support. If it’s not me editing the format somewhere then it has to be a bug of some sort. Format aside, I don’t quite understand why you couldn’t add an element to a table cell in Scriptwriting Mode. Shouldn’t I be able to use that type of style line automation throughout the program? Perhaps I am using the feature incorrectly and I need to consider another one for my needs.

Now to why I want to use this format.

I wanted to create this sort of comic script style( because it helps me read the information better. I am definitely a beginner, so in the long run, this might not be the best option for me but I thought I’d try.

Thank you for your reply!