Program crash when dragging multiple notes

I sometimes have Scapple crashed when dragging multiple notes. When clicking and moving the notes the programm seemingly does nothing for a moment and then closes without any further notice.

I guess maybe that’s something to do with memory? I have 350 notes in my file at the moment.

I’m having a blast with this software. Thanks for making such a useful and accessible tool.

I’m experiencing this crash today. It’s, so far, happening each time I’ve tried the same move of multiples notes. My file has 1545 notes. Most of my notes in this file are individual words and phrases.

Scapple Trial Version on an XPS 18 All-In-One running Win 8.1 64-bit with 4 GB RAM over an i3-3227U CPU 1.90 GHz @ 1.90 GHz.