Program randomly closing when I try to open a particular project

I had to reinstall Scrivener on my Windows 10 desktop about a month ago after the hard drive crashed. I also work on a laptop, so I have the Scrivener projects on Google Drive. Today Scrivener opened on my desktop, but when I tried to open another common project (one I just used two days ago), the entire program shut down abruptly, no backups, no nothing, just shut down.

I tried three times. Then I restarted the computer. Same thing. I tried different projects, and they opened–it’s just this one project. So I went to my laptop to see if there is a problem with that particular Scrivener project, but it opened fine on my laptop.

Any help untangling this would be much appreciated.

Signed, a person who loves technology when it works and completely loses her mind when it doesn’t.


L&L don’t recommend using Google Drive to store/share projects between multiple devices. It (and pretty much every cloud system other than Dropbox) doesn’t handle the Scrivener project structure correctly and could cause data loss.

Which versions of Scrivener are you using on the two systems? Are they same?

Have you tried saving the project to a USB drive from the laptop and see if it opens on desktop from there, or backing it up to a Zip file then trying that on desktop?