Program to Color File Names

I love the new Scrivener for Windows, and come begging Literature and Latte to consider creating a small program to do something that’s been possible from the beginning in the Apple OS, but is perhaps impossible in Windows.

That something is to create a program or…something…that will let a user color a Windows filename. You can do this in an Apple OS window, and it’s also a feature in Scrivener (bless you!), in both the Windows and Mac versions. Would it be possible in Windows as well?

xPlorer is a program that will let you color the folder…but there is nothing out there to let you change a filename color as you can on a Mac.

Thanks for your consideration!

Not with L&L but a former developer who now manages development folks.

Last time I looked at this the problem is that the windows GUI (think finder and desktop) do not let you alter the fonts. File name attributes are global in context unlike in OSX where they are meta-data-ish in nature.

That said you could use an alternative file browser (windows explorer) that maintained its own meta data. It would be a bit tricky to get/keep file data up to date though.

Just a quick technical reason why you may not see it on windows.