Program window / Screen / Viewport problem

Last week I opened my current Scrivener project on my Laptop just to update the beta version and to see if everything is still working okay.
After that something weird started to happen: whenever I open Scrivener on my PC (24" Monitor) it doesn’t start in Fullscreen Mode as before but in an est. 14" window somewhere in the screen.
I can make it fullscreen of course with a mouseclick, but Binder and Inspector stay very narrow and the Editor window in the middle is huge. I always have to manually adjust it by going to window-layouts and selecting my saved layout.
What ist that? Why doesn’t Scrivener remember my layout setting anymore?

I found a possible solution.
I started to work with another Cloud service (Icedrive) and with that the Settings seem not to bei saved.
I returned to Dropbox for different reasons, and now everything is fine again.
I have no explanation for that :neutral_face: