Program won't Boot

I have an Intel iMac running OS X 10.4.11 and when I try to start Scrivener, its logo flashes briefly among the other running programs and then vanishes.

Welcome to the forums, Bob; sorry you’re having trouble, particularly since the support team should all be having a well earned break at the moment. A couple of questions and a suggestion … the first one sounds patronising, but isn’t intended that way, since others have made that mistake.

  1. Did you install Scriv properly in your applications folder, or did you in fact try to run it from the .dmg?

  2. Which version of Scriv have you downloaded? If it’s the latest beta, since you’re running Tiger, that may be the problem. If so, make sure you have downloaded the last full release … the betas will not run on Tiger, though the resulting release version, due out before too long will. Go to

  3. If the version you downloaded is the full release, it may be that it got slightly corrupted in the download/installation process. Others have had this happen, so simply re-download it — I hope you’re not stuck with a really slow connection! — and re-install.

Other than that, one of the team may be along, or someone else might have other ideas to help you.

Good luck.


EDIT: small edit of punctuation, since I’m a perfectionist, unfortunately! :slight_smile:

1,3) Yes, I just re-did the install, and launch from the Applications folder.

  1. I’ve got Version 2.3.1, July 23/12, from C/net.

I may be wrong, but I believe that there are two different versions of 2.3.1, only one of which will run successfully on Tiger. You may have the wrong one. This page explains.

That got it! Thanks. Now to school. . .