Program won't start on MacBook Air, and is insisting on using Skype for some reason

I just bought Scrivener last week. It was working on my MAC, but I’m away from home and want to use it on my MacBook Air. It keeps trying to open in Skype, and then creates a backup, which also won’t open. I’m totally baffled. HELP!

Forgive the rather obvious question, but have you actually downloaded and installed Scrivener on your MacBook? And how have you transferred your Scrivener project from your desktop computer to your MacBook?

Well, there are no silly questions! Just downloaded it and installed it on Macbook. I had thought, because I’d saved it on my Mac’s desktop (iCloud), it would automatically install on my Airbooks’s desktop. But not so!

Now, hopefully, all will interface as planned. Thanks so much. Doh!