Programmers To Implement Night Mode By The Close Of Business 9-7-16

What! All this time we’ve been told rather FIRMLY that the only serious colour scheme writers want is a BRIGHT BLUE BACKGROUND with WHITE TEXT. That is what we’ve been spending years on, and now we are being instructed to make it a night mood instead? Make up your minds, Real Writers! :open_mouth:

‘eh upp!!! ‘ang on!! ‘ang on!! I’ve gorrrriitt!! I’ve gorrriittt!!! It’s just come t’ me in an epiphanic interlude … friggin’ lights flashing’ all over t’place :open_mouth:

It snot a night MOOD he’s after … it’s a night [size=150]NUDE[/size] Well I think we can all run wi’ that one … eh? … wot? :smiling_imp: Gerronnit L&L

Sitting naked and pure in the dark,
“Night mode scrivener” sings the lark,
Typing and scratching places he never scratched before,
Writing about the deep and the philosophical,
The righteous and the improbable,
He closes the door, he closes the door…
Never more, never more…

Ahh, My Lord Byron, welcome aboard The Good Ship Scrivener

If you substitute mode for moves, this pretty much sums up my writing workflow:

Is there a Night Mode / Dark Mode in Scrivener for Mac. I require it, even when I write during the day! It’s much more easy for me to write in that mode.

Does this mean I can post this again?

Re: Really hating this program right now
Postby brookter » Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:13 pm

Unfortunately my friend Mr WS Gilbert presents his apologies, but he has problems with his internet connection. He asked me to pass along his comment on this thread.

[i]The Writer Most Professional

I am the very model of a writer most professional
My style can run from Hemingway to Oprah show confessional
My articles are cliché free and quite devoid of platitude
The New York Times puts my by-line on its front page with gratitude

I’ve written songs for singalongs and haircare advertorials
I wrote the elegiac text that graces war memorials
My spelling is exemplary my grammar quite majestical
I’d no more split infinitives than I would split my testicle.

He’d no more split infinitives than he would split his testicle.
He’d no more split infinitives than he would split his testicle.
He’d no more split infinitives than he would split his bestest testicle.

My friends Flaubert and Baudelaire have praised my writing to the skies
The harshest critics say that they have nothing they can criticise
And deadlines hold no fear for me, I will deliver right on cue
But only if you let me write exclusively in white on blue.

It’s true that green on black won’t do and black on white is just not right
If it’s not white on blue then poo! Invariably it turns out shite.[/i]

You can set the preferences for Compose Mode (sometimes called Composition Mode) to show you light text on a dark background.


p.s. You will probably now feel the impulse to write back and tell me that you really want a /night mode/ for the Scriv interface, not just the ability to set up night mode writing in composition mode. I get it already. What you can do via Scriv settings is set up Compose Mode for dark mode writing. You can read elsewhere why there isn’t an overall dark mode in Scriv. In the meantime, if you really need the whole interface that way, you can pretty much do it yourself (as you probably know) in Sys Prefs > Accessibility, using Invert Colors (and Use Grayscale).

Thanks GR. I don’t need the overall interface to be inverted in colour.
The composition mode comes pretty close to what I need.
I had problems finding the proper settings in Preferences, because my interface is in French, my first language.
I have found it now, it is under the last item of the Preferences > Customizable Colors (not translated) > Plein Ecran (meaning Full Screen).
BTW, not all the interface is translated in French. I can help with certain translations if needed.

I was actually thinking of Compose Mode rather than full screen mode – which are distinct. Compose Mode has its own panel at Scriv > Prefs > Compose. But happy you found settings that work for you!