Programmers To Implement Night Mode By The Close Of Business 9-7-16

I require night mode for my writing. Most of my greatest written work comes from inspirations I receive in the middle of the night. I have sent MANY papers to be peer reviewed as well as manuscripts that the “meat” and “insight” was gleaned in the middle of the night.

I was made aware that the reason Scrivener does not support night mode on iOS is due to technical constraints from within iOS itself.

Other writing iOS apps have a similar infrastructure as Scrivener and they HAVE night mode. I believe the problem does not come from the constraints of Apple’s iOS but in the limited understanding of the iOS system by the Literature and Latte programmers.

I am requesting the programmers at Literature and Latte to contact apple support IMMEDIATELY and request their help with implementing this MUCH needed feature. Between the team at Literature and Latte and the AMAZING team at Apple (Most valuable company in the WORLD) I have no doubt that this feature can be rolled out in a matter of days - not months or heaven forbid YEARS!!

Some may say “they can live without night mode” Those are the ones that don’t have a voice or are scared. I am their voice!

I am speaking on behalf of all my fellow writers. We need night mode NOW! We are not willing to wait YEARS for it to be implemented. Most of the scrivener writers I correspond with on a daily basis agree that TRUE inspiration comes at ALL times during the day, but especially at night. This night mode is a MANDATE feature that needs implementation next week.

I am formally requesting that this update be complete and rolled out by the close of business on 9-7-16. I am formally requesting that the programming team at Literature and Latte contact Apple and work together to have this feature fully operational by the above mentioned deadline.

On behalf of myself and all scrivener users I thank you for your time and PROMPT attention to this urgent matter.

Apparently, you have forgotten that Sept. 7 is Brazilian Independence Day. Since Apple’s entire Night Mode Division is based in Brazil, they will not be at work.

Ah, you mean you require night mood for your writing? Well, I can’t see how either L&L or Apple could guarantee that you get in the right mood for writing…

As for different screen modes. There is this thing called “electric light” which enables you to have rougly the same light conditions both day and night, so there is actually no need for special screen modes. If you get inspired, turn on the light and start writing!

I can’t tell if Claritydynamic is being serious or not.

Regardless, you sound a bit on the crazy side, though you are clearly not afraid of the dark. Props!

I did not say “Night Mood” I said night mode which is completely different.

Regardless whether Apple has an international holiday on the 7th this feature needs implementation QUICKLY. Perhaps 9-6-16.

Any programmer with even the basic skill fresh out of college should be able to accomplish the necessary coding for “Night Mode” painlessly and rather quickly. If I had access to Scriveners source code for iOS I would forward it to one of my programmers and have an update rolled out by Monday (no problems). I doubt Literature and Latte will give out their source code.

I have spoken to MANY of my friends that are avid Scrivener users that have been taken back by the fact that EVERY other writing app supports night mode EXCEPT Scrivener. Scrivener’s “claim to fame” is that it is one of the most comprehensive, feature rich tool for SERIOUS writers, I would EXPECT that they would have “night mode” The fact that it has not been implemented in their iOS app is frankly absurd and an insult to my fellow writers. With a price point of well over the iOS app average my expectation for “night mode” is not unjustified.

Professional writers such as myself expect certain features. Yes, Scrivener has a lot of features however it is missing an INDISPENSABLE feature that ALL other writing apps, (even the bad) ones have which is “Night Mode”

Now, for those of you confused to my original post about night mode let me explain. Night Mode is SIMPLY the background canvas color turning dark gray and the text off white and the menu items changing to a dark gray or black. This is to reduce eye strain when waking up at 2AM with an INSPIRATION that needs to be recorded in Scrivener. Simple as that! Night Mode is a very simple programming fix, and almost EVERY SINGLE writing app, note app and even other types of apps that have nothing to do with SERIOUS writing support night mode. Facebook for example, with a market cap of 363 BILLION supports night mode. There is a reason they have a market cap that high. They listen to their users and make necessary adjustments to keep their subscribers happy and attract new customers. Google with over A HALF TRILLION dollar market cap has a “simple” writing app with night mode. Come on Literature and Latte let’s get it together.

This is a very SIMPLE coding fix. In the length of time it took me to write this response the necessary code could have been written and programmed and a new release of Scrivener could have been rolled out today. I was very generous giving Literature and Latte 4 FULL days to complete this minor code addendum.

Like I said, MANY writers I know that are avid Scrivener users have expressed concern to me about this lack of feature. I am merely their voice. I stand in the gap and politely ask Literature and Latte to code the app to support this simple but POWERFUL feature.

The implementation of “Night MODE” is a mandate and needs immediate attention by the Literature and Latte programming team. Night Mode is a simple feature, but a VERY VERY powerful one.

My original deadline stands for 9-7-16 close of business. This is not a complicated request and all Scrivener users will more than appreciate the implementation of this feature.

The integrity of Literature and Latte hangs in the balance. Will they make a simple coding adjustment, or will they turn the blind eye to MANY of their users?

Thank you for your prompt attention to this grave and serious matter.

I’m also forced to wonder whether this whole thread is a joke. Possibly posted by an employee or someone they know to lampoon an entitled, demanding customer who believes that the companies that make his favorite products should be required to bend to his every whim?

I’m going to assume it’s serious for the sake of argument. A few thoughts:

  1. If it’s important to “many users” why are you the only one complaining? I’m sure many people would like a night mode, I would, but you seem to be the only one completely losing your mind over this.
  2. Since when does a single customer of a retail product get to set the agenda and deadlines of a company? What unbelievable nerve. Were I on the receiving end of a demand like that, I would at the very least completely ignore it and continue on how I already was.
  3. I’m sure Facebook’s enormous market valuation is due to their support for Night Mode. I’m sure it’s that, and nothing else. (For real though, I had no idea FB’s iOS app had a night mode… Are you sure it has one? I just looked and can’t for the life of me find one… Apparently it’s not that important if they’ve buried it… Assuming it’s even there)
  4. Using ALL CAPS doesn’t make you sound important. It makes you sound churlish.
  5. Finally, are you a programmer or developer? I’m guessing not, since this isn’t necessarily a simple code change. Depending how the UI is constructed, it could be quite an undertaking to make a useable and aesthetically pleasing Night Mode.

I’m further guessing that even if it is simple, there are a good number of items higher on the list, and they’ll get to it when they get to it. A single demand from an entitled customer isn’t going to change that list appreciably.

Oh dear…I think he/she/whatever might be serious…or, if this is part of some elaborate prank, I guess, I don’t really get the humour.

K, if you go to accessibility settings, invert colours, you can get a ‘night mode’. It’ll be pretty much a black background, with white letters. You can even setup a shortcut triple tap, to invoke the mode.

As for your posts…

You might want to keep your tone to something less antagonistic. I’m not saying that to butt heads with you. But there’s a decorum to these forums. Demanding things in the manner you have done might raise a moderator’s eye leading to who knows what (ie being possibly kicked off and the like)…

Bear in mind, that it’s literally a handful of people who run this company, not some big corporation…

iOS itself has a “night mode” which can be assigned to triple-click on the Home button.* Use that, friend. Works great with Scrivener. Before you go down for the night, Open Scriv to your “Ideas I had in My Sleep” document, and triple-click into night mode. Now you are perfectly set to scribble down your inspirations. This built in function is more than adequate for such a use.

Solved!! And it is only 9/3/16. Which is great, because the L&L team still has time to get to Brazil for the big party.

I think we’re done here.

  • Settings app > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut: Invert Colors

iOS Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut > Triple-Click The Home Button For : Invert Colors

Looks like the BMOC has weighed in:

hilarious. but the issues involved have been discussed at length already in

If you’re looking for a critique on your writing, please post to the Scrivenings forum: viewforum.php?f=11

Your original submission is actually quite good, if you were indeed trying to portray a powerful person who is accustomed to underlings jumping at his command. However, I would suggest that you establish the character’s privileged position first, so that readers will accept that he could overreach in a place where he lacks authority to this gobsmacking degree. Without that groundwork, I’m afraid that the character is veering toward the farcical (or is that your intent?). Perhaps if you can show him in his native environment, replete with the accouterments of power, making similar demands of his underlings? I would totally buy a CEO making such demands, though without the ‘representative of the silent majority’ schtick. Unless he’s a politician. More background, please.

Please do post to the Scrivenings forum with your next attempt. I look forward to further character studies!

… but you really seem to be in a strange mood. Maybe you should adjust your own mode? :open_mouth:

But… what about all the text I have coded green, blue, red, indigo, amber, etc? If all that change into off white if I accidentally test night mode, that would really affect my serious writing and put me in a bad mood. :cry:

… or else? If it’s not met? Will you leave the forum then? :laughing:

PS. Serious writers don’t wake up 2 am and start scribbling. Serious writers follow a schedule, like a job.

PPS. “Many” of your friends? Numbers please. How many real friends do you have? How many of them use Scrivener? How many of those are serious writers? And of those, how many crave night mode or else…?

PPPS. You reeeeaaally need to clarify your ultimatum. A deadline without an ultimatively occurring event is not a deadline, not even a line.

Op: +++++ troll. Would read again.

Come on guys, lay off. He’s only a dictator. You can’t take them too seriously…

It would appear that invert colors will have to suffice for the time being. Mr. Cook and I had a chat, he will be more than willing to help the team at Literature and Latte implement what he says is a “very simple” feature to code. Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software & engineering said night mode “won’t be a problem” for the team at Apple. I expected nothing less from a company with well over a half trillion dollar market cap.

Now on to other matters;

Yes serious writers wake up at all hours of the night with inspiration and creative thoughts. In fact many famous writers say in their biography’s that some of their best thoughts came to them at night when “everyone else was sleeping”. One example I will give is Stephen King who says he “credits his dreams with giving him the concepts for several of his novels and for helping him to solve troublesome moments in his writing career” Mr. King wrote the first 50 pages of Misery when he awoke from a dream. The book later became a best seller that inspired a movie!

There’s a difference between cranking out pages of writing, and cranking out really good pages of writing. Good writers write at night, because it’s devoid of distraction, there’s nothing else left to do in the day, there’s no one else to hurry to. It’s simply just you being yourself and pouring out the emotions that you’ve gathered from your day time experience and using that creativity to create something beautiful and interesting.

One of my favorite quotes is by the legendary H.P. Lovecraft:

As far as my friends that are writers. I have proudly placed Scrivener on my website as the reason I am a successful writer. The tools and resources at my disposal with the Windows version are indispensable. I would like to add, that hundreds of Scrivener users in the US have probably heard of Scrivener because I mention it in all my talks and give the program very high praises. I proudly display the Scrivener logo on the “About Me” page of my main website.

I went so far as to tell my fellow colleagues who are writers, authors, publishers and scholars that if they don’t use Scrivener I will not continue to speak with them on writing topics. Needless to say they downloaded Scrivener and couldn’t be more pleased with the software.

I did not give consequences because I am new to the forum and did not want to give the impression that I was angry with Literature and Latte or that I was a bully. I still will not give an ultimatum if L&L fails to comply with the said request for “night mode”

My wish is to get along with everyone, especially people that use Scrivener! I did not come here to start trouble, I came as a voice to those not gifted with the eloquence I have. To request a feature that would surely bring Scrivener even higher praise among accomplished writers. That feature, I and many others are requesting is… Night Mode

rdale I look forward to further critiques on my writing style.

In the mean time I will leave the team at Apple & Literature and Latte some space to get this worked out and rolled out as soon as possible :slight_smile: Who knows, maybe the solution will come to them tonight

From Tim Cook.jpg


For those of you wondering why you should always wash your produce…

Yeah, this has to be a joke. The fake @Tim_Cook Twitter screenshot is a nice touch.

Clarity guy or whatever–

I’m beginning to get your sense of humour. It’s a bit of an acquired taste sir. You had me fooled and worried but I’m glad you are only mildly crazy.

Do give Mr. Cook my regards. Me and Cook go way back, but lately he’s been kinda ignoring me what with his new mates at Apple.