Progress bar for folder


I am currently writing a book and would like the top folder and/or the top document (I’ve tried both) to show total progress for all subobjects in outliner mode. The software sums upp how many words I’ve written and my target right but the progress bar is not showing anything.

Thank you

Currently the progress bar only reflects the word count for that specific document, thus as your folder has no text of its own, it has an empty bar. We’ll be adding a “Total Progress” bar in the future, which will work in tandem with the “Total Word Count”. That progress bar will fill up as you add text to the folder’s subdocuments (or to the folder itself), just as the total word count increases.


I was about to start a new thread about this because I thought this was a bug as well; since the ‘Target’ and ‘Total Word Count’ columns do work for folders in the outliner and the ‘Progress’ column is displayed for folders as well, I did not understand why the progress bar was not displaying any progress.

Are there any plans for adding the working progress bar for folders with sub-folders?

As I said, we’ll be adding a “Total Progress” bar that will track the summed counts of the item and its subitems relative to the summed goals. The current “Progress” bar will remain and work as it already does, indicating the progress of the individual item. This includes folders since folders can contain their own text.