"Project Already Open"--Lost Project

Hello all. Beside myself. Used trial version until buying full version in December. Promptly stopped working on my novel. Haven’t looked at it in months. Opened it today and can’t find the document. I have the TITLE for the doc, but nothing in the file. Had a little trouble at beginning learning to open files. Thought I set up to sync with Dropbox, but nothing there either. Can’t figure out how to access any backup files.

Know I’m not thinking clearly right now, but could use some help.

When I first tried to open the project today, it said “Project Already Open”. I hadn’t opened any Scrivener file in months. I said okay make a copy but then…nothing there.

Help please because I really can’t afford to buy another Macbook once I fling this one out of the window! LOL!

Did you perhaps write the content into the corkboard instead of the main editor? That would cause things to appear as though content had disappeared. Try opening the Inspector (blue ‘i’ button) and seeing if there is any text in the index card at the top.

Backups are located in your Application Support folder, but you can get there easily by opening the main program preferences and clicking on the button that will reveal the backup folder, in the “Backup” tab. They might not be in chronological order, so I recommend turning on the creation date column in Finder and sorting by that. Drag the last one from December-ish to your Desktop with the Option key held down to make a copy of the Zip file. Double-click it to extract the project, and then double-click the project icon that will appear to load the backup in Scrivener. If that looks good, just replace the old ones (I’m assuming you have two copies now since you clicked the open-as-copy button) with it. Make sure Scrivener is closed whenever moving projects around.

That typically means the project was not closed gracefully the last time you used it. Perhaps the computer crashed, or there was a power outage? Whatever the case it isn’t a big problem to just click the “Continue” button if you know for certain it’s not open on another computer somewhere (which I’m guessing, six months later, you can be fairly certain of).

Working on this now. Thanks for responding!