Project Appearance completely changed

I opened up my project I’ve been working on and all the colours have switched to grey or a muted tone. This includes the binder, tool bars, everything. I can manually switch the colours back (which is annoying and time consuming after I spent time configuring to my liking) to their default colour, but this does not change the tool bar colours. The same thing happened when I opened a new project. Any ideas on how to fix this bug? Thanks.

So I’ve manually changed all the colours I can back to default but the appearance of the tool bars is still greyed out. I also noticed that the default button on appearances changed everything back to the strange colour scheme it started up with this morning.

sounds to me like somehow your settings have been changed from ‘default’, or maybe ‘dark mode’, to some of the ‘grey matter’ appearances inside Scrivener. In the appearance settings, under the options, there is a drop-down menu at the bottom left, maybe it has changed?

Oh my gosh, that worked! It had changed to ‘violet’ mode for some reason. Thank you so much!

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great! glad it’s working for you :hugs:
you can also customize the default settings and make your own style (in addition to the ones in the list), if you want to try out!

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Something is still off as the themes are acting very strange with the default colours. And the background screen colour in comp mode won’t change from white, meaning the document and background are one block colour. But it’s a thousand times better than what it was!