Project created on a Mac and backed up to Dropbox not showing up on iOS

Like I said, I’ve been working on my macbook and backing up to Dropbox. No issues. I just purchased Scrivener for iOS and I got it to sync to Dropbox. It syncs. But I don’t see my project anywhere.
Any ideas?

Thanks for picking up a copy of Scrivener for iOS!

Here is a quick troubleshooting guide from the knowledge base.

One point on that page that stands out though: I don’t know how loosely you are using terms like “backup” and such, but no version of Scrivener can open zipped backups, which is how they are created by default. That is on purpose, so that they cannot be easily and accidentally opened (a form of damage when it comes to backups).

And here is a video tutorial on basic setup.

If you sign directly into Dropbox, do you still see your project (.scriv file, not the backup .zip)? If it’s there, make sure you keep a copy of it and a backup zip of it on another platform(s) (.e.g. local computer; usb key; OneDrive or Google) as you sort through this issue.

If you can see it in Dropbox, is it in your Apps/Scrivener folder that iOS created? This may be your issue if it is sitting somewhere else in Dropbox.

If you can see the .scriv file there, you should only need to point to it from your Mac to both find it and sync it across devices.