Project does not appear in ios (iPad) after Dropbox Sync

I’ve set up Dropbox sync using default folder structure Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener/Projectname.scriv and upon syncing, I see the project in Dropbox on the iPad, but when I look at Scrivener, don’t see the project in Scrivener. I see the Dropbox listing, saying"Tap Edit to drag projects …" and “on my ipad”. But I don’t see projects in the white bars. Sure I did something wrong, but what?

Have you set up your iPad to look in the Dropbox folder, under Edit, tap gear wheel at the bottom, Dropbox settings? And when you have backed out of Edit, did you tap the sync icon (circular arrows)?

LUNK - Thank you so much! That worked. Now I see my project in iPad Scrivener. One question: when it sync’d I saw several thousand files synchronizing. I have a novel in Dropbox. Are all those files part of my Scrivener project? Should I be worried that I’m synchronizing extraneous stuff? Where did all those files come from?

EVERYTHING in that folder is downloaded to your iPad, wether related to Scrivener or not. So make sure you only have the Scrivener projects you want to sync with the iPad in that folder.
That aside, yes with a huge project you could have thousands of files. Every subdocument in your project, both in your Draft and the Research section, is a file on its own, plus all the files needed by Scrivener for everything else.

A tip: I have all my Scrivener projects in a Dropbox folder called “Scrivener Projects”, but then I have a subfolder in that folder called “Active Projects” and I only sync that subfolder to my iPad. When I want a project on the iPad I simply drag it over to the subfolder and when I don’t need it on the go anymore, I drag it back to the parent folder. That way I don’t have to clutter up my iPad with projects I am not currently working on.