Project file presets on second computer

Should project file presets appear when same file is opened on a second computer? I’d think so, but they aren’t. Must I make a new textpresets.bin file for each computer that accesses the same project file?


There are no “project file presets”; both the formatting presets and compile presets are global, saved outside of the project folder (and in your user AppData folder). Transferring a project thus won’t move either of these presets to a second machine. You can copy the textpresets.bin file from the one computer into the same location on your second machine, or if you already have custom presets there and don’t want to overwrite them, you can re-create the formatting templates by creating a document in your project that uses the different formats, indicating the name and type (e.g. paragraph formatting only, character formatting only). Then after transferring the project to the second machine, just select text in each of the formatting samples and create a new preset with the same settings.

thanks. i’ve got it now.

was having trouble finding that textpresets.bin file. for some reason, search wasn’t finding it on my computer.

future dummies like me might like to know that the textpresets.bin file, at least on my machine, resides in >Users >username >AppData >Local >Scrivener >Scrivener >TextPresets.


Glad you’ve got it working. Sorry I didn’t include the path; you mentioned the .bin file so I just had it in my head you were already looking at it. Thanks for putting that in for anyone else searching on the issue.