Project Focus Option

No matter how much I try to separate my projects in different files, I need them to be in one file. It is a large one, but it allows me to create links between documents and to grow my ideas. That’s just how my brain works. As a result, I have many folders and would like to be able to focus my attention on only the folder (and subfolders) of one project. I can hide the binder, but that would hide also the folder and subfolders of the project that I want to focus on. I can also create a collection, but the collection brings up the main folder without the subfolders. I use OmniFocus where the Focus option is possible, and I would really find it useful if it is available in Scrivener. Thank you for considering this suggestion!

Select the folder you want to focus on in the binder and go to View > Outline > Hoist Binder. Is that what you mean?

All the best,

Yes! I had no idea it is already available! Thank you for letting me know. I absolutely love it.