Project icon

Why does one of my projects have a different icon than the rest?

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 7.28.25 PM.png

The one on the left matches all the rest.

The project on the right is an empty project, and so gets the default Scrivener document icon. The project on the left is a project with some work in it; its icon is based on the QuickLook preview which Scrivener creates for a Mac project once it has some work in.

Hope this helps!

It does. The project actually wasn’t empty. It has a text file just not in the draft folder. Once I moved the text file into the draft folder and closed the project, the icon changed. I’ve since moved it back out of the draft folder as that’s not where it belong, and the icon has stayed correct. I guess this is technically a bug — just not a very interesting one.

I would argue this isn’t a bug. The Drafts folder is where the “actual” project lives – the content that will get compiled. Once Scrivener detects there is actual content, it does a one-time icon switch to let you know that this is an “active” project.

It’s not a bug. The icon on the right is the standard icon for .scriv projects registered by Scrivener with the system; the icon on the left is generated using Quick Look. Generating a Quick Look preview is slow so Scrivener does not do it on auto-save, but only on manual save and project close. Thus you’ll see the icon on the right for new projects that have not been closed and reopened yet, and which have only ever been auto-saved and not manually saved via the File menu or Cmd-S. You’ll also see it for projects so far only edited in iOS, because the iOS version does not generate Quick Look previews.