Project Loader Error

This error is effecting one of my projects. Upon clicking the Project Index, I get the following error:

Project Loader
Errors reading project
Error: Error reading template info: Line:1 Column:2 Error:1

Any ideas what is happening? How can I fix/save this project? Should I save it under a new project name?

Thanks for any help.

We resolved this in email, but for anyone else getting this and searching the forum for an answer:

This message indicates an error in the templateinfo file, which is only used to auto-populate the “category” and “description” fields when using Save As Template, so the problem is not serious. Deleting the file with the project closed will prevent the error message recurring and will not affect anything else in the project:

  1. Close the project.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and locate the project’s .scriv folder on your hard drive.
  3. Navigate into the “Settings” sub-folder.
  4. Delete the file called “templateinfo.xml”.

Once you’ve done this, you should be able to reopen the project without seeing the error. If you use “Save As Template” in the future for this project, a new templateinfo.xml file will be created with the information you enter.