Project not formatted from old version into Scriv 3

Help! Would appreciate some help.

Yesterday closed our my current WIP (58K)

Went to open today and project comes up but is completely blank.

Went to restore backup but dialog box asking for serial number. I input and no good, (i’m working on version from 2017) They allowed a trial and when I opened it, besides the confusion, it’s one long chapter not separated as in past.

I want to get to the end of this book and am partially panicking as don’t want to spend time on tech when Im trying to finish it.

(additionally, it wont let me access backup)

I also saved to work and email it to myself everyday as a precaution

Usually the cause of this is Scrivener not finding content files, while the index is still there (the scrvx-file).
That could be because a Cloud service removed them from your hard disk, a virus scanner has denied acces to te files, or the files are still zipped.

Unzip a backup in a different folder than the original project folder before trying to open the backup in Scrivener.

This is strange, a backup would never ask for a serial. Installing a version of the software would, so maybe it’s not a backup,but an older version of Scrivener you’re starting?
Opening an old version Project in the 1.9 version should work flawlessly, opening it in the newer version 3 of Scrivener should open a dialog stating it will convert the Project and make a backup first in the same folder.

What did you save and mail? If only the scrvx-file, you only preserved the index, not the entire project. If a backup, you should be able to unzip the backup and open the project in your version of Scrivener.

You should be able to open the project in the same version you wrote it in, without losing the structure. Are you sure you’re not opening a Compiled version? Because that would be one long text file and not separated in chapters and scenes. Find the original Project or a backup to restore the structure of the original Project.

Hope this helps

Thank you.

I don’t use a cloud service to back up Scrivner.

‘Unzip a backup in a different folder than the original project folder before trying to open the backup in Scrivener.’ Don’t understand this. Now it has been saved into new trial version of Scriv 3 So frustrating

Yes was trying to open in older version and not be extorted by Scrivener to upgrade.

Email- I compile after every use to word document and email to myself as precaution.
Appreciate your help but getting so frustrated I’m about to purchase Atticus instead for future use

And a Virus scanner that has Scrivener blacklisted?

Scrivener backs up Projects in a compressed file at Project close by default. Find the backup location in File > Options > Backups. Get the free 7-zip program and decompress the backup, but make sure you don’t overwrite your original project.

A good precaution, but this is not a Scrivener backup. Loading this compiled result wil not contain the structure of a zipped backup project. Find a real backup and try to restore that.

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No Virus scanner problem

I back up THen compile, attach to email for extra protection. Can’t open the backup.

The compiled document is not the backup, it’s just a saved result.

In File > Options > Backup you’ll find the path to the backup files:

In the File Explorer, got to that folder to find backups like:
These are compressed project files.

Download and install 7-zip <= click to choose an installer
Start the program and point it to the backup you want to open.
You’ll find a SCRV folder in the zip. Extract it to your Desktop.

The folder should contain the subfolders Files, Setting, and Snapshots, together with the index file with a SCRVX extension.
Double-click the SCRVX file to open you backup in Scrivener.

Hope this helps

Now says cannot open as saved in a new format.

So, you’ve converted the project to the version and it will not open in version 1.9 without saving it in the older format.

Download and install Scrivener 3 <= click to download

Open the Project in the trial version. You have 30 non-consecutive days to get used to the new version. When you still want to return to Scrivener 1.9, Export the Project as Scrivenings v1 through the File menu.

Then you can open the project in the old version of Scrivener again.


That’s a solution! Thank you for ‘hanging in’ there w me on this. I will try it.

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