Project not in a recommended save location

Something happend after using ProWriterAide, and now I get the above warning because the project is stored “inside its own automatic backup folder.” I move the project to my Desktop and backed it up to my Scivener Backups. But the waring still persists when I open it. How do I get it out of the problem folder and have the project save normally to Scriver Backups again?

More information about this error message can be found here:

You said you moved the project, but are you sure that you’re opening the version from your Desktop, not one of the backup versions?


Thank you, kevwms. You are correct. When I open the project on the Desktop, I don’t get the warning, only with the backup.
But I don’t want to keep the project on the DT. When I put it into Sciverner Backsups, a warning said the project is open in ProWritingAid, even though the latter is not open.
Also, when I followed the instructions to the link you sent, there is no Close Project, only Close Window, which did nothing when I clicked it.

You can keep the project anywhere you want except in Scrivener Backups.

If ProWritingAid is failing to release the lock file that says the project is open, you should consult with them about what to do.

If you don’t have any open projects, you won’t see the Close Project menu command.


Now everything makes sense. Thanks again.

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