Project not opening correctly on second machine?

I’m currently 16 days into a free trial for Scrivener on my PC, and I’ve just bought a laptop which I also want to use Scrivener on. I’ve downloaded it and it’s showing a 30 day trial. I copy and pasted my project (the .scriv) file into OneDrive and then I a) downloaded it onto the laptop and tried to open it directly, and then b) opened it directly from OneDrive. On both occasions the project is sort of opening, but there’s absolutely no text in it whatsoever. I have some of the text files but not all of them, but nothing has any text in, it’s all just blank. Could this be caused because I’m trying to do this on trial version? I’m worried that if I keep messing I’ll just corrupt the file and lose everything (I do have a million back ups but I’m paranoid after a recent disaster with a thumb drive.) Any help would be appreciated x

  1. Do NOT use OneDrive! You have to save the project on Dropbox if you want to work on the same project from more than one computer. It is very clearly described in the manual and the tutorial. So you have to get a Dropbox account and download the Dropbox app so any changed files in your dropbox folder on the PC are automatically uploaded to the dropbox server.

  2. I do hope you mean that you copied the whole .scriv folder, because the project is the complete folder with all its files and subfolders.

The trial version is fully functional. That’s not the problem.

This sounds like you copied the .scrivx file, which is the master index to your project, but not the files that actually contain your data. As lunk said, you need the entire .scriv folder, including all subfolders.


OK, thanks for the help. I initially tried to use Dropbox as I have an account but it wasn’t even loading last night so I tried OneDrive instead. I’ll try Dropbox and see what happens. Thanks guys :smiley:

This is not technically accurate. While only Dropbox is supported for synchronization with iOS devices, people can and do use other services to share between desktops. The key is that the service must be able to maintain the integrity of the project: synchronization has to happen fast enough to keep up with Scrivener’s frequent saves, the entire project must be downloaded to the destination system, etc. More information can be found here: … c-services

And an advisory about OneDrive specifically can be found here: … e-advisory

In this particular case, I suspect the issue is not specifically related to OneDrive, but to only part of the project being shared. That’s just as possible with Dropbox, and would have the same result.