Project Notes - cannot change font

Ver, Windows 8.0 32-bit

I can no longer change the font for General > Project Notes. This now remains as is even though the settings correctly indicates whatever font I try to use.

I have been using the software for a year and can still reset other fonts and settings with no problem. I constantly work in 3 project and strangely the Project Notes font has remained as set some months ago in 2 of these projects (Calibri 11) but is different for the 3rd project (default Courier New 12). This setting change fails no matter which project I try it in (though I believe this is a global setting).

Any suggestions?

Discovered Manage Project Notes for adding extra Project Note windows. When I add a second note, this uses the changed font that I have set, though I still cannot change font on the first note.

I guess this is just a first-world problem… 8)

Hello Jez,
I have found that if you select your first project notes using mouse, and then right click. The menu that comes up has font near the bottom. Select this then show fonts and then you can change the first page fonts that way. At least it will match the rest of your notes.

Project Notes are rich text, so like other rich text areas, existing note documents don’t change to match your new preference settings; doing so would destroy any deliberate formatting you’d applied. Thus new projects or new project note documents created after changing the default font will use that new font, but earlier ones remain as they were. You can manually change the font as shass described.

woohooo! thanks MM and Shass - that works