Project notes disappearing[BUG LOGGED]

I’m not sure if this has been reported yet, but my project notes have been disappearing and reappearing.


I’ll be working on one document out of six in my Manuscript (draft folder), and they will be there. Then I’ll select all 6 of them in Scrivenings mode and they disappear. They stay disappeared if I click on the sixth and final document. However, if I click on 1 - 5 (any of them), they reappear. However, if more than one is selected at once and I click on the text, the “project notes” disappear and won’t reappear until I go to a single document.

There’s a thread about project notes HERE.

I just figured I’d do a different thread since it’s a different version (1.3) and that one is old enough that I don’t want them to think I’m bumping an old bug. :confused: Should I repost it there, maybe?

Well the bug there was never logged, and it wasn’t listed in the list of things that were supposed to be fixed. A note saying the bug persists would still bring the thread to the front for Lee to see, without creating more posts to be sorted through.

The idea would be to put all the information about the same bug in one thread so that he only has to read one, and once it it logged the thread is tagged. Which doesn’t stop people from adding more details to it, but allows us to know he is working on it.