Project Notes Repeating Themselves

I have a Scrivener project that’s broken up into book chapters, and I’ve been using the Project Notes panel on the lower right to keep track of the various to-dos I need for each chapter. Lately, a bug has crept in. Every time I write a new note in a single project window, the exact same note ends up being repeated in EVERY Project Notes pane throughout all the chapters in the entire book. If I erase the note, the same note ends up being erased from all the chapters in the book. This makes the Project Notes section useless, because each chapter needs its own individualized set of project notes.

This bug needs to be fixed as soon as possible. :imp:

If you are actually using Project notes in the inspector, then this is the correct behaviour: project notes are project-wide, not associated with a particular document, so you are just viewing the same note no matter what document you load in the editor. It sounds like what you want are Document notes, which you can access by clicking into the “Project Notes” header in the inspector. Document notes are specific to a single document, so you can use this for your chapter notes, etc. and only ever see the ones pertinent to the given document.

Don’t you mean the ‘Notes’ button in the footer of the Inspector?

No, she means the header that says “Project Notes” or similar; in my current project’s inspector, it says “Project Notes (General)” because you can have multiple project notes. The icon at the bottom of the inspector is how you reveal the notes area, which can display either document notes or project notes, but not both at the same time.

I found a blog post that illustrates switching from Document notes to Project Notes; it should be clear from the pictures what to click on and how to switch. Just remember that “Project Notes” apply to the project as a whole, whereas individual “Document Notes” are attached to each document in the binder.