Project on new machine?

I have been happily using Scrivener on my Mac laptop for years.

I now have Scrivener running on my iMac, and I am trying to open my work there.
I saved my .scriv document to dropbox, and attempted to open it on the iMac. But the response is there is no valid project at that path.

I have searched through the support pages, but I am still confused about what constitutes a project, and how I can move them around.

Did you wait for Dropbox to finish syncing before you tried to open it? A .scriv file is really a package (folder) full of files. All of the files must be present inside it in order for it to be a valid file, so if you moved it but only the container was present and not the internal files, it wouldn’t be valid. Ensure you have the green tick in the Dropbox icon to show that everything is synced and up to date. And also make sure that the laptop synced everything to Dropbox and that you didn’t close it or turn it off before it had uploaded all the files, of course.

All the best,

Thank you for your answer.

I think I found the problem. It’s the scrivener version # that’s interfering. So now it’s a different question.