project references not working

Sorry if this has been reported already. I didn’t see it. Here’s the problem:

I select project references and have it open in the inspector. I drag a reference to the pane or import it. If I open it in Scr., or switch between project and documents references, etc., it disappears from the Project references pane and I find it in the document references pane and it is not available to other entries in the project file. It does this every single time.

Not sure if I’m missing something, but if I am, I can’t see what it might be!


Hmm, there are no project references in 1.03. Shouldn’t this be in the Beta Testing forum. :slight_smile: Either way, I can’t reproduce this. Everything works fine for me. In fact, it is impossible for a reference to leap between document references and project references… Of course, there may be another bug whereby it doesn’t show which type of reference is really being displayed at the moment, but like I say, I still can’t recreate it.


Oops, sorry, yes beta forum next time. Hopefully there won’t be one. I can’t reproduce it either today, but yesterday it happened every time. Weird. I will chalk it up to a gremlin in my Mac. If it happens again I’ll try to be very specific about how it came about. Perhaps I had to be doing something else beforehand to create the conditions. Hopefully it’s the gremlin.