project references

(after a brief search)

I’d like project-wide references, just like Project Notes. It would be most convenient if there was a floating pane like the Scratch pad that could be called up with a keystroke, but I’d settle for a setup like Project Notes where it’s available in the inspector under a pop-up.

(It’d be nice to have a pref to choose between displaying local or project refs on default. I for one would mostly use project refs.)

In general, I use a handful of other programs with Scrivener to develop screenplays, so I’m always going to have these other files. I’d like to make it easier to open them and use them when I need them.

Thanks for considering it.

Yeah, this is something I was thinking about submitting too. Cmd-8 is sitting there, unused, mnemonically in a set with the other Inspector mode switchers – and Project Notes is lacking an immediate hot-key. Hmm.

Yeah, I was thinking a hot-key would be nice for Project Notes. I switch back and forth quite often.

References. Project References.

You know, the little links to outside documents that Scrivener can’t open?
I want a pervasive list of references for a project that can be quickly pulled up no matter where you are in the project.

That’s what I want.

Since these are outside programs/files, you could create a folder containing their aliases and place that folder on the Dock. Click-hold on the folder for a hierarchical menu of its contents. I do this to get swift access to all key files and applications. But you’ve doubtless been there, done this, and discarded it long ago as an Antediluvian Method of Being Nifty.

Yes, that was clear. Sorry we digressed a little on the hot-key issue. I think your idea is a good one.

Btw, it’s not totally true that Scr. can’t open references links. In fact it can open many of them, such as pdfs and media files, which is what I use most often. Of course it can’t open Word files (unless saved as rtfs) or other program-specific files.

Just thought I’d clarify, since most of my references are external files that I can open and use within Scr.

But I agree that a project-wide reference list would be nice. If your references are mostly ones that an external application needs to open, then howarth’s idea could work. Another idea would be a single ‘master’ file with embedded project-oriented links and references. I do this with a lot of projects for internal links as well–kind of a ‘home page’ for a project with all important files brought together for easy access as links in a single file.

There was a discussion on this a while back. You can try doing a search to see what was already said and perhaps garner more ideas on how you might manage a collection of project-oriented references. If you come up with anything new, I’d be interested in that myself.


I appreciate your helpful attitude.

I have plenty of stop-gaps and workarounds. They all take extra steps and interrupt my creative flow.

I was just putting in a request for a feature that would make the creative process smoother and easier.

When KB gets back, I expect him to remind me that he won’t be doing another update for a year. :laughing:

Yeah, me too. That’s why the suggestions. :slight_smile:

But it IS a neat idea.

Actually project references is already on my list. Can’t promise for the next update, but it is on there. And right now I am sitting in a car in Norway, outside of my friend’s workplace, testing out their wireless. I really have no life. Back tomorrow at some point…