Project Replace crash

I’ve just started a new project and keep changing my mind about characters’ names. I know that others have reported the Scrivener crash when trying to use Project Replace and I wondered when the promised solution in the next upgrade would be available.

I’ll make a beta available soon. Are you on 10.6 or below?
Sorry for the inconvenience,


Just wanted to chime in here instead of making a new thread.

I am also getting this problem, and I am on 10.6.8

Does this problem occur on the Windows version? I do have Scrivener for PC, so I should be able to restore the backup on it and run what I can’t on the Mac, right? Or is there any reason I shouldn’t do that?

Yes, I’m on 10.6.8, too. (Sorry, meant to put that in my OP.)

I’m happy to wait for the update. (Always happy using Scrivener: it feels like part of my brain these days, and one of the few efficient parts, at that.)