Project Replace not working

Hey folks!

So I’m trying to replace a number of terms in my novel and Project Replace repeatedly says “NOT FOUND” when my terms are there staring me in the face. I’ve got everything checked but no dice. Any ideas why? Thanks!

Hello, from the other Portland. :slight_smile:

What version of Scrivener and Mac OS X are you using? There are some special features that change depending upon those two variables, and also let me know which checkboxes you have selected. It might be easiest to just take a screenshot of that box. You can use Shift-Cmd-4 to do this. The mouse pointer will turn into a crosshair, just click and drag a rectangle around the dialogue to create a file that you can attach to a response.

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Hugh (who visited what is probably the original Portland in July.)

There is one in Tennessee, too… which doesn’t make any sense at all!

Sure it does! If you drink enough of the Tennessee home brew everything make sense. Well everything except Vic-k, Wock, and me…

If this is actually the case and you have “selected documents only” checked in the Scope section, then the replace is only running on the selected binder documents. Deselect that to replace throughout the entire project.

me too. has anyone posted a fix?