Project Replace

I was just replacing a character’s name with a new one. (I chose Ramo’n - yes, with an apostrophe because I didn’t know how to make an accent mark - before.)
When I replaced it, I wondered if the apostrophe would be an issue so I did a Project Search for the name afterward, then a search for part of the name. (Ramo) There were still Ramo’n names everywhere!
It did replace some, but not all.
I updated to 1.0.3 and tried again (PR and PS) with the same result. I’m replacing the name by hand now, which is slow. Scrivener doesn’t like it when I scroll sometimes, so it has to think.
In any case, I don’t know if it was because of the apostrophe (I didn’t try this with “don’t”) or just a general issue.
I looked through the forums and nothing seemed to match up.
(Love Scrivener, otherwise!)

Hi Cari,

This sounds like it might be a smart/straight apostrophe problem. Try copying one of the instances of Ramo’n that didn’t get replaced and pasting that into the find field for the project replace, then running the replace again.

To enter accents, you’ve got a few options. If you’re typing them frequently you may want to use Windows’ language settings to switch your keyboard layout to an international version while working in Scrivener (you can easily switch between different layouts with a shortcut or via the language bar if you do set this up, so you wouldn’t need to continually go through the Control Panel to do this); you can also use the Alt+numpad keycodes or Edit > Character Map to insert a special character. If you’ve just got a particular name that needs an accented letter, you might also want to set up a substitution for this, so that you could time, e.g. “Ramon” but have it replaced in the document text with “Ramón”. You can set this up in Tools > Options… under the “Auto-Correction” tab by clicking the “Edit Substitutions” button at the bottom. Make sure if you do this that you also have checked “Enable additional substitutions” in that Auto-Correction tab.