Project search doesn't jump to the result

Hi there!
Does anyone else have this problem?
When I search a phrase in the whole project (the magnifying glass button), Scrivener shows me only the scenes where this phrase is.
I select the scene I need to look at.
Here’s the problem: Scrivener doesn’t jump to that phrase automatically. So I need to press “Command + F” to search that phrase again in this Scene (or document).
It’s nota big deal, but it does mean loss of time, more clicks etc.

Wouldn’t it make more sense that Scrivener would jump to that phrase when I open the Scene on its own, without me needing to do another search within that Scene (document)?

Or is there a way to do that already? Does anyone know?
Thank you so much!

Hi Mariah,

You don’t actually need to do another search with cmd-f — once you’re in the editor, cmd-g (Edit > Find > Find Next) will cycle through all the matches without redoing the search (cmd-shift-g to go backwards).

On the Mac version (but I think not on Windows), if you select all the matched documents, the cmd-g will also page through the whole set.

You may have to go to the top of the document first before choosing cmd-g, because individual documents seem to remember their previous scroll position (at least, I think that’s what’s happening…).

I don’t know the design rationale behind it not going to the first match, but I presume there is one (possibly because there are some searches where this wouldn’t be convenient?), so the developers will have to comment on that…

But I hope cmd-g saves you a little bit of clicking :grinning:.



That doesn’t work for RegEx searches, search by formatting, and probably a few others. ⌘F is required to initialize the Find box.

It works well to select the matching folders, click in the first, ⌘F, and then ⌘G.

Good catch on the regex. A quick test: it always seems to work on “Any words” and “Exact Phrase”; it sometimes works on “All Words” and sometime doesn’t; and it never seems to work on “Regex”.

(This was a very quick test… — I presume there’s a rationale behind the difference. It seems to work better with Scrivenings, so I presume it’s something to do with partial matches — though not with Regex. I’m sure Amber will give a definitive response in time…)

For most simple searches though, cmd-g will work fine. If that fails, cmd-f is only a click away.

Formatting searches are a different mechanism and so they already have their own Next and Previous searches (cmd-opt-shift-g and cmd-opt-ctl-g respectively).

Right you are!

(here are a few more characters to reach 20)

Why doesn’t scrivener have a list of common reg ex searches like for Oxford commas, the one issue is must be exact match. For windows once I do search and click first file and hit Ctrl +a and click on first instance of search then Ctrl +f will set up find next box and can advance thru

Because unless you are searching for a well-defined format, every regex can hit false positives and false negatives depending on what else is in the document. This is one of those tools where you really do need to understand what your regex is doing so that when something goes wrong, you have an idea of how to edit and fix it.