Project settings (formatting) not maintained when copying files to USB drive or another PC

I guess the title says it all. I started a project on PC, and wanted to have it live on a USB drive so I can work on it by plugging the USB into whatever PC I’m working on.
First time opening the project on the USB drive, my page setup has gone from a width of 7.25" for the text to 4.5". Don’t know if I’ll find even more issues.

Why aren’t all the settings being copied over? (I transferred the .scriv folder and the zip backup file.)


Hi Jesse5280. Are you using the same default formatting settings in the Scrivener File > Options settings on both computers?

This Knowledge Base article has tips on saving your default settings from one PC to another. Ensuring that each PC has the same default settings is the first item I’d check.

If you did copy the Scrivener settings to the second machine and are seeing this behavior, the next item I’d recommend testing is to see how a shared copy of the Interactive Tutorial behaves if you save it to the USB on one computer and open it on the second.

That could help determine if the issue is project-specific or not.

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Did not transfer the default settings - didn’t think they would override the project settings. I’ll study up on this w your link and give it a try.
Thank you!

Make sure you export your custom compile format to the usb key and then import this custom Compile Format into your project on the second computer. A custom compile format is not transferred with a zip project backup to a second computer.

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A bit off topic…
Of all the things you might do, or should do, foremost : if not already, develop yourself project back-up habits as if you’d be severely paranoid.

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Looks like " To copy general application settings" instructions from the link provided by RuthS did the trick. Whew! Thanks again RuthS and thanks all for your additional tips!

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