Project Settings?!?

Trying to figure out how to set section types for multiple text documents, but all your documentation that I can find is based on the Mac version of the software, and none has any help for Windows.

When I click Project, there is no “Project Settings” option. I can’t find anything that even looks like it. So I can’t get to anything that resembles section types, either, and because of THAT, my outputted documents look like utter garbage.

Text documents (scenes) that appear to be on the same level in the Binder do NOT format the same way and are not highlighted at the same time when using the Compiler.

Where can I find these settings?

And in future, do better with your documentation for those of us who don’t use the Mac version.


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The section type, if you want to set it per documents, and not per binder structure, is set individually in the metadata panel.

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Are you by any chance still running Scrivener V1 ?

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Sorry for the confusion on what is the “latest version”. We couldn’t announce version 3 in the old version because the updater was incapable of simply announcing something without offering an installer—and if we did that, we’d get nothing but grief (and rightly so, in my opinion) from people upgrading and then suddenly finding themselves being asked for money to continue using Scrivener without digging through our site to find the old installer (or even thinking to do that).