Project Specific Themes


I was wondering how do i keep a theme for only a certain project but not have it go into all new projects? I have a theme i am trying to use for a novel but it will not open up new projects without it. And when i try to change to a normal theme in a new project, i lose the curated theme for the other novel


Themes are meant for the Scrivener interface, not for a project. If you want a different theme for each project, you will have to switch themes from the Window menu.

Hopping on here as well. I’m like a bad rash once I get started.
I am thinking what you want to do here, is a combination of things… and I may also be so far off to lunch–if so, please steer me right 4everwander.

BClarke is right. Themes are global, so for the whole software to use.

In your shoes, I would to three things.

  1. save my project with all its settings as a template.
  2. save my setup (two or three panels, how the binder is stacked etc as a layout. You can have many layouts–and you can load these as you see fit.
  3. Those theme options I yakked about in the other post, save them.

You can then change your entire setup for each project you work with, without changing the theme itself.

Does that help?

Edit: Apparently I cannot count… changed “two” to “three”.

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