Project Statistics not working

I’ve just installed the upgrade and my project stats have gone wrong. My project stats were reading about 16,000 words and 28 pages or thereabouts. After upgrade the project stats figure only seems to count the parent folder itself, that is 69 words only and ignores all the sub-documents and their contents. I’ve tried unticking and reticking the include sub-documents option, but the stats count resolutely stays stuck at 69 words.

Even when the scrivenings display is selected and the whole draft is visible it still claims I have written only 69 words.

Manually selecting all the documents I want in my draft also doesn’t appear to give me the correct result either. The stats for the selection only gives me 9,700 words.

This would be worrying if I couldn’t see that all my documents appear unchanged and fully present, so it appears that the project is still all there and undamaged, it is just the word and page count that appears to be faulty. A compile of the project also gives me the full 16,000 words.

Any suggestion as to how I can get this back to what it should be?

I also note that the Change List page has not been updated. It is impossible to revert to V1.5.3. The link under Scrivener V1.5.3.0 actually says download current version and downloads V1.5.5.0. The only previous version available is V1.2.5 which is rather old.

I’ve gone back to V1.2.5 now and my project stats is back at 16,723 words.

When you say it’s impossible to revert to 1.5.3, do you just mean that you can’t download the 1.5.3 installer, or will it not install 1.5.3 if you have the installer? I have the 1.5.3 installer package saved to my hard drive, and was thinking about doing the in-program update to, but if I can’t get back to 1.5.3, I may wait on it.

The former - there is no link at present on the release notes page to download the 1.5.3 installer. If you already have it downloaded I have no reason to believe you can’t use it to revert from 1.5.5 to 1.5.3.

The changelog page has been updated and include a link for downloading 1.5.3.

EDIT: Editing this because I realised there’s still a bug about the editor focus in text mode, which may be what’s affecting you. This is present in 1.5.3 as well, however, and just hasn’t been corrected yet.

Could you provide some additional details for how to set the project statistics in order to see this bug? Is this a problem specifically with stats for the selection or for the Draft? You mention ticking/unticking the “count subdocuments” option, which only affects the selection count, but you also compare to the word count when compiling, which sounds like you’re talking about the Draft count. The editor display has no affect on the project statistics, so it shouldn’t matter whether you have Scrivenings loaded or not, but there is a bug (present in 1.5.3 also) whereby focussing the editor when a document is loaded in text mode does affect the count (and it should not), meaning that if you for instance loaded a Scrivenings session but then clicked into the editor, the selection statistics will only give you the count for the particular document in focus in the editor. Could this be affecting the changed count you’re seeing?

It will also matter what you have set to compile, so if you’re currently only compiling a subsection of your Draft, for instance, or if you have selected there (in the Contents pane) the override to compile excluded documents instead of the default “included”, essentially reversing the effect of the “include in compile” checkbox, that would be altering your word count.

If you could give me steps to recreate this from a new blank project, or if you’re willing to send a zipped copy of your project demonstrating the issue to AT literatureandlatte DOT com, pointing out where the numbers are off, that would be quite helpful!

OK I’ve sent my project to you to help you diagnose the problem.


I"m using, and I’m getting this as well. Everything is selected for compile, and it should be around 78,000 words. Project statistics only shows about 3100. But I had just compiled to mobi. I switched to compiling to text (to see what would happen) with the exact same documents, and project statistics calculated 78,000 or so (the same number as shown in the footer.)

Bug, or did something change? I did nothing differently, except compile to text in between checking statistics.

Yes, I have my compile settings to mobi as well. Perhaps that is the issue.

Yes, I’m just testing this, and it seems that having compile set to .mobi or .epub is causing the project stats to go all crazy. Very weird, and definitely not intended! Something in the changes to the compiler must’ve affected this, but hopefully it will be a quick fix. In the meanwhile, although I realise it’s not entirely convenient, if you switch your Compile For format to something else (e.g. Preview) and then click Save & Close, the project statistics should appear correctly.

Just to clarify, it’s a problem with how project stats is getting the word count; compiling to .epub and .mobi is working as normal, so it’s not truncating your text there.

Yeah, no problems actually compiling to mobi or epub. Just project statistics.

I just upgraded and now project stats doesn’t work. I read the other posts on this problem. I’m not trying to compile. I have 80 chapters more or less and was showing 82,000 words before the upgrade. Now the project shows 69 words, no matter what I click on. The selection total shows the correct number of words for each chapter, but the project number shows 69 words whether I click on manuscript, a part or a chapter.

Yeah…go to compile something, select anything other than mobi or epub, and it should work again. You can even cancel out of the compile dialogue.

Thanks, Garpu. I wasn’t sure if your answer was for me or the previous post, but I tried it. I compiled to mobi and it didn’t fix the problem. I compiled to .txt and presto, the problem is gone. I think the fix even added a couple thousand words to my manuscript. Kind of like the shoemaker’s elves, I guess. If I keep doing it over and over, will it finish my novel for me?

Unfortunately Scrivener won’t write your novel for you. It also won’t make a decent cup of coffee. :slight_smile: