Project Stats: Selection: Pages (printed): wrong number

couldn’t find this on the forum, though I’d be surprised if no one has seen it before (unless
I minor bug, I guess:

The value for any selection/document in my 120,000 word draft is always:


I tried it with a test document and it showed the same value, though within the scrivener tutorial the value is always 0 (even if the number of paperback pages is 3).




Huh, I haven’t seen this one. If you click to the Options tab and then back, does it recalculate or remain? The bug I’m aware of is that it initially says 0 but it will recalculate after switching to Options in back. While you’re in Options, could you check what the settings are there and let me know so I can see if I can reproduce this? Thanks!

Ah, lovely. -2 to power of 31. :slight_smile:

That’s strange. I tried opening up the backed up document on another winodws machine and it worked.
When I get back to the other one I’ll try and reproduce it.