Project Target issues

I love Scrivener to pieces. I mean really love it. I’ve been using it for just over a year now on Windows and had the Mac version (on an old MacBook running Lion) since May, but I’ve had a little puzzle recently. The word count issues below are all on the Mac version which I use 95% of the time.

Just recently I’ve been doing NaNo, where keeping track of word count is important, and it’s been randomly losing words in the Project Target between sessions. I nearly had a panic attack the first time it happened as 7,000 words were apparently no longer there. I did Compile and all the right boxes were ticked, nothing was missing, but it wasn’t until I exported from Compile that the words reappeared like magic on the Project Target.

The next few days were okay and then it happened again and simply exporting from Compile didn’t work, but once I unchecked and rechecked a few random boxes export from Compile brought the words back. This morning ten thousand words had disappeared again, and running export from Compile fixed it immediately. No changing any ticked boxes at all. I’ve never had a problem with this before. Any thoughts as to what’s happening? None of these ‘disappearances’ happened while switching laptops.

For speed, Scrivener uses the search index for real-time progress bars like this. The search index can get out of sync for a variety of reasons, so if you notice it acting in a bizarre fashion, try resetting it by holding down the Option key on the File menu, and select the Save and Rebuild Search Indexes menu command. That should fix the progress bar immediately, if that was indeed the problem.

Ordinarily this doesn’t happen often, so if it is happening with great frequently, it’s probably worth looking into why that is. Are there any complexities you can think of that wouldn’t fit into a “typical” simple scenario, like one person writing on one single machine, with the project saved to the local drive, or an external drive that is always plugged in?

Thank you. I’ve done the ‘Save and Rebuild search indexes’ as you suggested, although it’s been fine for the last couple of days. There doesn’t seem to be any trigger to it happening. Maybe a refresh is all it’ll need.

In answer to complexity, it’s only me on this machine, it stays in one location, I back up regularly to Dropbox leaving the project to save itself to the hard drive automatically, and the program is always closed down and the MacBook is shut if I happen to be using the same project on my other laptop, which is rare, and again doesn’t coincide with the Project Target losing words. The same is true the other way round, though the Windows version hasn’t had a problem the few times I’ve been on there.

It’s not a big issue, at least not since the first time when I thought the words had vanished. It’s not even happening all the time as I said, and hopefully now the search indexes have been reset it won’t happen again. After I posted this there was someone in the NaNo forums who’d had the same problem but hers fixed itself straight away. I hadn’t realised it was anything that could happen, but I’m reassured that it does sometimes and that there’s nothing to worry about.

As I said, I love Scrivener’s little socks off, so maybe I just use it too much :smiley: . Thanks again for your reply.

Okay, that all sounds good. I just wanted to make sure the problem wasn’t sync conflict related. If you’ve worked on the project in Windows as well as Mac, that could be enough to explain it. There was a bug a while back in the Windows version that was related to search indexes, it could be that’s all that happened and it should be fine now. Let us know if it comes back and you have a clue why, though!

Thanks, I will do. I appreciate your help and thoughts. I’d never in a hundred years have discovered the ‘Save and Rebuild’ option without your telling me about it.

It’s done it again twice in the last week, and both times the way I got the right count back was to export the entire document without doing anything else at all. The other day it lost 17k, this morning over 30k. It seems to drop to some totally random number. Oddly the session target to finish on time was correct this morning, despite being almost 32k less on the top bar, though at other times it’s reflected the lost word count.

I could live with it, it’s annoying but nothing more since I know how to fix it, and I did wonder if it’s because I do have a lot of words overall in my project, but I’ve been noticing a few other people in the NaNo forums complaining about similar issues with the Project Target or Scrivener not fully counting all the scenes written, so I thought I’d bring it up here again. Like me they found that either unticking then reticking the scenes in Compile (they were already correctly ticked) or exporting it solved the problem. As far as I can tell they’re all Mac users and I’ve only had this problem on my Mac, so I’m wondering if it’s a bug. In which case I’m in the wrong forum I know, sorry.

It’s very intermittent and totally random so I have no idea how to replicate it, but I haven’t had any Windows interaction since you suggested I did the ‘Save and Rebuild’ so I’m pretty sure it isn’t Windows connected. I’m using version 2.5 and running Lion if that’s at all relevant.