Project targets for Windows

hi all,

can you please get project targets added to windows?
Ex: you set your goal date and it tells you how many words you need to write each day to meet your goal.

I know this exists for Mac and would find this really helpful for my own projects in the windows version.


It’s coming in the next major update.

Via this thread: Sharper split-window icons

Now that the iOS version of Scrivener is close to completion, I’m guessing the focus will shift to getting the Mac and Windows versions in line with each other.


Hi, it is great to know that scrivener 3.0 for win is on the way. Shall you tell when when will this version could be expected?

We don’t announce release dates in advance. We like to work to quality and feature milestones over calendar dates. Case in point, the iOS version of Scrivener is much, much, much closer to release—and there is no date announced for it either. :slight_smile: