Project template for biography

I would be grateful for nay suggestions as to whether the ‘novel’ or ‘blank’ project template would be more suitable for a biography. :confused:

Project templates are more about providing a set up working environment than dictating what you can do with that environment. All of the templates came from Blank projects at one point or another, thus they represent a degree of structure and configuration built up from Blank. If that structure does not suit you and you end up reverting or deleting much of what the template provides, then Blank might be a better place to start from, that’s really all it boils down to, personal choice.

Thank you, AmberV. I have started by using the Novel with Parts template; so far it seems quite useful for what I want to do. What I really need is to become more familiar with Scrivener and in that regard using Blank might be more challenging but a better teacher. I suppose I can start over with Blank if I get stalled using Novel with Parts. Best regards, Geoffro. :slight_smile:

I used the Blank template for my biography and it worked a treat, no doubt because it’s so flexible. I’m not even sure the Novel template even existed when I started my book, so I’d be curious to know how it works for you, in case my sanity slips and I decide to write another. Good luck!

Thanks, Brett. If I were starting now I would first try the Blank template, especially as it has worked so well for you. However I have started using the Novel with Parts template and though it is early days yet, so far that seems to be suitable for my purpose. I am very much a newbie - still using the trial version of Scrivener - and though I have worked through the interactive tutorial have a long way to go when it comes to putting it all into practice. We’ll see how it goes.